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2018 Marketplace Expansion Index

The gig and sharing economies are booming. Thousands of fast-growing marketplaces are launching around the world as a result.
This index examines the top 36 countries for those marketplaces to expand.

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The 2018 Marketplace Expansion Index

The Marketplace Expansion Index, created by Hyperwallet, analyzes the top 36 countries against 10 factors that impact a marketplace’s ability to operate and scale there. If you’re a marketplace platform in the collaborative, gig, and sharing economies, let this Index be your guide to the global earning revolution.

As more gig economy startups, ecommerce marketplaces, and social selling companies expand their reach and bring their platforms to scale, access to earning opportunities beyond a traditional paycheck will only continue to grow. The way individuals live and make a living is fundamentally shifting.


First, we analyzed 10 factors key to successful expansion and grouped them into four categories: Infrastructure, Market Size, Foreign Competition, and Workforce.

Then, we ranked and grouped the top 36 countries across those categories into one of three tiers: