2019 Marketplace Expansion Index

The ecommerce and sharing economies are booming. Thousands of fast-growth marketplaces are emerging all around the world.
This index examines the top 36 countries for ecommerce and sharing economy platforms to expand.

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Big Mover




Great logistical and payments infrastructure in Austria is not being fully utilized due to its population’s reluctance to adopt shared economy products and services.

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Marketplace Expansion Index Rank

Down 3 Spots from 2018 Index Rank of #9


  • High volume of cross-border transactions
  • Cultural and language proximity to Germany
  • Exceptional logistics infrastructure


  • Customers are conservative and have limited trust in pure-play online marketplaces
  • Tax reporting is mandatory
  • Small addressable opportunity

Facts You Can't Forget


Online Fast Track. In no other European Union country (with the exception of small countries Luxembourg and Malta) do consumers buy more in foreign shops than they do in Austria.


A Vacation Destination. Austria has one guest bed for every six inhabitants and boasts the highest per capita income from tourism in the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development.


A Competitive Option. 54 percent of Austrians agree that the share economy offers a better price-performance ratio.

Ranking Highlights

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The fundamentals of any society and enterprise, including: payment infrastructure, ease of doing business, and Logistics Performance Index.



You’re only as good as your people. Factors in this category include: levels of English proficiency and participation in freelance employment.

Ecommerce Activity


This category assessed ecommerce opportunity size, retail ecommerce growth and ecommerce as a percentage of retail transactions.



The fate of foreign entrants, based on the volume of cross-border transactions and if a global marketplace dominates that geography.

Essential Reading

"Last year, there were about 9,000 retailers across Austria that sold online. This means that the number of online stores in this European country has nearly tripled over the past ten years… during the same period, the number of online shoppers in Austria has doubled."

"Hartwig Löger, Austria’s finance minister, told the Financial Times that a priority during his country’s presidency during the second half of this year would be getting governments to thrash out the details of European Commission proposals for a temporary tax on digital companies’ revenues."

"Overall, Austria is characterized by a low level of risk-taking in the startup business – also in the area of collaborative economy."