2019 Marketplace Expansion Index

The ecommerce and sharing economies are booming. Thousands of fast-growth marketplaces are emerging all around the world.
This index examines the top 36 countries for ecommerce and sharing economy platforms to expand.

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Big Mover




New government is trying to put the brakes on an otherwise growing digital economy in Italy.

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Marketplace Expansion Index Rank

Down 1 Spots from 2018 Index Rank of #27


  • High number of independent workers
  • One of the largest online retail opportunities in Europe
  • As home to luxury goods, lots of product reselling marketplaces


  • Government against the growth of digital marketplaces
  • “Ease of doing business” rating is low
  • Looking to introduce taxation on freelancing platforms

Facts You Can't Forget


Track Your Delivery. According to a recent study by the Debenedetti Foundation in Italy, more than 750,000 people work in the gig economy. One of the fastest growing segments? Deliveries.


No More IOUs. Jiffy is a service developed by SIA to pay, send and receive money in real time from a smartphone. The service has more than 5 million users in Italy.


Go South. Crowdwork is most widespread in southern Italy, despite the scarcity of digital infrastructures and low Internet usage.

Ranking Highlights

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The fundamentals of any society and enterprise, including: payment infrastructure, ease of doing business, and Logistics Performance Index.



You’re only as good as your people. Factors in this category include: levels of English proficiency and participation in freelance employment.

Ecommerce Activity


This category assessed ecommerce opportunity size, retail ecommerce growth and ecommerce as a percentage of retail transactions.



The fate of foreign entrants, based on the volume of cross-border transactions and if a global marketplace dominates that geography.

Essential Reading

"Italy is a late mover in the startup game, where it takes time to produce results (i.e. scaleups) and one of the reasons is that investments in the Italian startup economy are simply not enough."

""5-Star's embracing of anti-corruption and a minimum income reflects its political left instincts but the use of the blockchain to potentially improve efficiency and accountability shows its lack of historic baggage and willingness to try something — indeed anything — new and different." - Chris Bailey"

"The government has only one objective: to make sure that digital platforms leave Italy,” said Gianluca Cocco, the CEO of Foodora Italy, in an interview with Corriere della Sera."